• Program Duration0 weeks
  • Learning FormatOnline Bootcamp

Product Management Course Highlights

Become a product manager to efficiently manage the end-to-end product life cycle & drive business success with live sessions by industry experts & SP Jain’s faculty in this program.

  • SP Jain's Academic Excellence

    Certification & Global Executive Ed Alumni Association from SP Jain Global

    Live Learning from SP Jain's top faculty

  • Applied Learning | Masterclass with Industry Experts

    Learn via case studies, assignments and capstone projects on Facebook, Tesla, and more.

    Product management masterclass by industry experts

  • Top Product Tools | Gen AI for Product Managers

    Learn Top Product Management Tools (Mixpanel, Google Analytics, JIRA & Balsamiq)

    Learn Applications of ChatGPT, Google Bard, Gencraft, Midjourney, and Picsart for PMs



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Program Outcomes

SP Jain School of Global ManagementSP Jain School of Global Management
  • Master product management holistically across industries.
  • Drive customer-centric innovation across the entire product lifecycle.
  • Master key PM tools for data-driven decisions and project execution.
  • Master Generative AI tools for enhanced productivity and creativity.

Product Management Course Curriculum

  • Get started with the Professional Certification in Product Management course with SP Jain School of Global Management and Simplilearn. Kickstart your professional Product Management career with a foundational class.

  • This course is a comprehensive exploration of product management as a versatile discipline applicable across diverse industries. It provides an in-depth understanding of the KASH framework (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits) essential for effective product management and strategies for leveraging personal traits to excel in the field. Additionally, the course offers guidance and insights for professionals transitioning into product management roles from various backgrounds.

  • This course empowers product managers with essential mindsets, critical thinking abilities, and customer-centric strategies crucial for success in today's dynamic market. It explores Carol Dweck's theory of Fixed and Growth Mindsets, principles of critical thinking, biases and their mitigation, and the development of compelling customer value propositions. Additionally, it delves into the FCB Framework, customer journey mapping, and stakeholder analysis for strategic decision-making.

  • This course is a comprehensive exploration of product roadmaps' pivotal role in strategic planning and prioritisation within product management. It covers various roadmaps—timeline-based, release-based, Kanban-based, and outcome-based—while delving into backlog management, prioritisation methodologies, and iterative development processes.

  • This course delves into the intricacies of business model design, encompassing online and offline paradigms alongside strategies for effective segmentation, targeting, positioning, and pricing in the marketplace. It aims to equip learners with the knowledge to understand, design, and implement business models aligned with targeted marketing approaches and optimal pricing strategies.

  • This course focuses on integrating design thinking principles into the product management process. It explores the fundamentals of design thinking, compares its efficacy to traditional product development approaches, and demonstrates how leveraging design thinking can foster innovation in product and service creation. The course includes practical breakout sessions with design thinking exercises to apply the principles in real-world scenarios.

  • This course centers on utilising consumer insights as the cornerstone for informed product decision-making. It explores the distinction between insights and raw data, emphasising empathy and user-centricity in understanding consumer behaviour. It covers various research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, ethnographic research, surveys, and data analysis techniques, focusing on transforming data into actionable insights.

  • This course is focused on structuring a comprehensive product strategy that aligns with broader business objectives. It covers the fundamental understanding of business plans, aligning product strategies with these plans, setting SMART goals, and identifying growth strategies and critical success factors crucial for product performance. Additionally, it emphasises the identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for monitoring product success.

  • This course aims to equip product managers with the fundamentals of UX design principles and their vital role in product management. It covers the goals, elements, and significance of UX design, emphasising its application in digital and physical products. The course explores UX design principles like usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction while highlighting the differences between human-centered and technology-centered approaches.

  • This course provides a structured approach to new product development, covering various phases from problem definition and ideation to MVP creation and user feedback iterations. It focuses on defining problem statements, ideation techniques, validating problem-solution fit, user story creation, MVP canvas development, user testing, and decision-making based on iterative feedback.

  • This course is dedicated to mastering the principles and practical applications of wireframing and rapid prototyping in the design process. It covers key principles of effective wireframing, distinguishing between wireframing and prototyping, exploring tools and software, and delving into wireframe elements, best practices, and common mistakes.

  • This course dives into the intricacies of platform development, contrasting platforms with products, and delving into platform architecture, API design, and management. It explores monetisation strategies, revenue streams, and growth opportunities for platforms.

  • This course focuses on navigating the challenges across various product life cycle stages and crafting a robust Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy. It introduces artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in product management, emphasising their applications in personalisation, consumer insights, trend analysis, behaviour analysis, predictive analysis, and inventory planning.

  • This course is an exploration of essential tools used in product management, including Balsamiq for wireframing and prototyping, Jira for Agile project management, Google Analytics for web analytics, and Mixpanel for insightful reporting. It covers their usage, functionalities, and practical use cases across different facets of product management.

  • This product management capstone project will give you an opportunity to implement the skills you learned throughout this program to solve real-world industry-relevant problems. Top product professionals in the industry design the capstone project.

  • This course delves into the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, and marketing. It explores how the brain processes marketing stimuli, focusing on perception, attention, memory, and the emotional aspects controlled by the limbic system and amygdala. It also addresses neurometrics, measuring brain responses to marketing stimuli.

  • This workshop dissects product, brand, and enterprise failures, understanding their differences and dissecting case studies to extract valuable learnings. It also covers principles for developing and launching new products/brands and applying New Product Development (NPD) methodologies for effective digital product creation and successful launches.

  • This final session wraps up the product management program, reflecting on the collective learning journey and recognising the growth and insights all learners gain.

Skills Covered

  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership and Growth Mindset
  • Product Ideation
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Market fit
  • Product Roadmapping and Prioritization
  • Product Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping

Tools Covered

Google Analytics



    Product Management Program Advisor

    Eligibilty Criteria

    • Bachelor's degree with 2+ years of work experience preferred
    • Aspiring Product Managers
    • Existing Product Managers willing to up-skill

    Best Suited For

    • Tech Professionals, Project Managers
    • Sales & Marketing Professionals

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    Demand for Product Management Course in 2024

    The demand for product managers has surged in recent years, reflecting the evolving landscape of modern business. Industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, etc., rely on technology and innovation, making the role of a product manager crucial. Employers are increasingly seeking certified product managers to lead their product development efforts, as they are better equipped to navigate the complexities of product lifecycles, market analysis, and stakeholder collaboration.

    SP Jain’s Professional Certification in Product Management offers an ideal blend of theoretical insights and immersive capstone projects that delve into a range of product management facets, like product strategy, conception and development of new products, product lifecycle management, design thinking, and more. This certification will enhance the knowledge and skills required to excel in this role and serve as a credible validation of your expertise.

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